Frame Glasses How Care?

In recent years, more and more people wearing glasses, non-mainstream, colorful framework but also emerge in endlessly. Walk in the street, it is not difficult to see, many teenagers wearing a school uniform on the bridge of the nose with a pair of thick glasses. If wearing glasses is a common phenomenon, the study frame glasses care is everyone's "required courses". Frame glasses how care? Me below explain for everybody.

Placement method If it is temporarily placed glasses, please send glasses raised face up. If the convex lens is put down, will scratch the lens.

Wipe the lens Use a special lens cleaning cloth, the attention must wipe up in their hands on one side of the mirror frame edge silk, gently cleansing the lens. Avoid excessive force the frame or the lens damage.

Glasses dai picked Please use both hands hold the mirror legs parallel to the direction along the cheeks two removable wear. If use single hand picked about damage frame balance, and cause deformation.

Lens with grey or dirty things Dry clean easy to scratch the lens, it is recommended that the water with a paper towel blot moisture again after using special glasses cloth to wipe dry. When the lens is dirty, it is suggested that using low concentration of neutral detergent to clean, dry and then rinse.

Please use the glasses box Don't wear glasses, a cloth into the glasses boxes, glasses, please. Please avoid when saving and pest control, clean toilet supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, contact corrosion items such as medicines, otherwise it will cause degradation, metamorphism, lens, frame color.

Do not use during strenuous exercise Resin lens was strongly impact the possibility of broken, eyes and facial damage easily, suggest not to use during strenuous exercise.

Don't use the scratch the lens Recommended not to use has been lenses, scratch, stain, crack, and so on and so forth are otherwise caused by scattered light color to see not clear, cause eyesight to drop.

Wash HanJi traces, cosmetics and wipe dry When the lens with the enclosed HanJi, fruit juice, spray (glue), cosmetics, etc., please dry cleaning with water immediately, if not timely treatment cause to take off the membrane.

Ferrari Scuderia Sunglasses By Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Cross-brand marketing is about as sure as it gets when it comes to hitting two birds with one stone. It becomes even more important when you have two brands that fall on different market segments. That’s the case with the recent collaboration between Ferrari and Oakley Sunglasses Australia , and the release of the Ferrari-branded Oakley sunglass line.

We’re all familiar with Ferrari and Oakley Military Sunglasses, and both brands are household names. But the difference between the two is the disparately different market that each one caters to. One has products specifically for the super rich and the other is geared towards youth and adventure.

But here’s the thing; the two are so famous independent of each other that a collaboration stands to benefit both companies. The sunglasses themselves look awesome with the supercar builder’s badge prominently displayed on them. And its not like these sunglasses are of the cereal box variety, as Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses some of the best in the business and Ferrari is Ferrari.

I personally have been a loyal customer of Oakley for the past 12 years, so you better believe I’m scooping a pair up as soon as I can. Likewise, I’m confident that a lot of you will be eyeing a pair, too, even if it means keeping the purchase on the down-low lest you want to be subjected to the objections of your significant other.

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